Perks & Benefits

Searchmetrics offers an exciting and challenging opportunity where creativity is required and will be rewarded. You will be an integral part of a high performing team playing a major role in Searchmetrics’ success.

  • Opportunities to play big every day and to work with impact
  • Training and support in order to work effectively
  • A very flexible work environment as well as generous paid time off and pension programs
  • Comprehensive sports memberships and/or wellness programs
  • Regularly team and company events, company breakfast, brown bag sessions and pizza days
  • Free in-office snacks and beverages
  • We are a dog friendly company

The Founding Vision

Although the company was founded in 2005, the idea for Searchmetrics originated in 2001 as founder and CTO Marcus Tober finished his diploma thesis in computer science. At the same time, Marcus also worked for a large online price comparison website - a very competitive industry. Saving time through automation and using data to gain an advantage over competitors was absolutely key. 

Marcus focused on automating SEO tasks like crawling competitors, backlink analysis, rank tracking and content optimization - manual tasks that detracted from time he could spend on more creative analysis. That early experience with SEO became the driving behind Searchmetrics.

What we stand for

Our mission is to enable ever increasing transparency for the modern marketer



From discovery to insight, from insight to action, from action to value, our customers win without the guesswork, forming the vanguard of the global modern marketing evolution.

We guide modern marketers to confidently invest in earned media with knowledge and expertise. Searchmetrics is the market-leading provider of a software platform for online marketing, with a clear strategic focus on Search and Content Marketing.

Searchmetrics Product Video

Company Values


A touchstone of company culture, we share a common passion to innovate for growth, for the success of our brand and to nurture our intellectual property. Innovation fuels the engines of Searchmetrics growth.

Customer Value

We embrace a visionary mindset that encompasses the thinking, discovering, trying, failing, learning, working and succeeding to provide unique value to our clients every day. Customer value rests at the center of our thinking and acting.



 With pinpoint thinking and a desire to succeed in everything we do, we strive to deliver the best products by focusing on our objectives and targeted results. We aim for the best in everything we do.

Respect for the individual


We foster an inclusive environment that values the uniqueness of our team members. Ours is a fair and positive environment, where people can grow, achieve their goals and succeed. This underlying currency of respect does not follow harassment or intimidation. We encourage and embrace different point of views that encourage a healthy debate that is never personal.



With balanced decision making and cooperation across functions and regions, we embrace cultural diversity and utilize its energy and best practices. Tied by innovation, excellence and respect for the individual, focused by the common purpose of delivering customer value, we are one.

Departments & People

Matthew Colebourne
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ken Ogenbratt
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Britta Mühlenberg
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Doug Bell
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Christian Broscheit
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Marcus Tober
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
Dr. Konstantinos Dolkas
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

How we work together

Our departments

Sales & Account Management



Hone the art of complex sales in a fast-growing environment, where our data-driven team provides products and services to the most respected brands in the world.




In a company known for its data science and big data, our finance team does its fair share of math in order to keep things running smoothly.

Marketing & Graphic Design

Learn to drive growth at a multinational technology organization with people that care, the resources to make it happen and the products that change the way marketers work.

People & Administration


We are the engine that makes this cutting-edge, multinational technology company perform. We are proud of our team's spirit and the Searchmetrics culture we build and nurture every day.

Product Management & Software Engineering


Working on Big Data and Search will draw you in. The people will make you care and the opportunity to build a product and not just code will grow you personally.

Client Services


We stand at the constant cutting edge of services and marketing technology, where Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing come together. By providing expertise and guidance to well-known brands, we are changing the way modern marketers work.

Our Offices

Searchmetrics GmbH & Searchmetrics Inc.

Searchmetrics New York

1115 Broadway
10th Floor
10010 New York

Searchmetrics San Mateo

100 Park Pl #150
CA 94403, USA
San Mateo

Searchmetrics Varazdin

Ul. Ognjena Price 47
42000, Varaždin

Searchmetrics London

Unit 11.3.1, Weston St,
London SE1 3ER

Searchmetrics Berlin

Greifswalder Str. 212
10405 Berlin